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What is Cyber Monday?

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What is Cyber Monday?

What is Cyber Monday? Cyber Monday is the marketing term used for the first time in 2005 by an online retailer.  The Monday after the Thanksgiving day and Black Friday is termed as Cyber Monday. According to a research conducted in 2005, 77% online retailers felt that their sales were increased substantially on the Monday after the Thanksgiving day.

The Day For Online Discount Sales

On this day the retailers offer various discounts and promotions to their customers and are considered as the online version of Black Friday. In the United States, the day after Thanksgiving is considered as the starting of the Christmas shopping season. On Black Friday the retailers with the regular shops have great discount offers to attract customer. Black Friday is one of the busiest selling days for brick and mortar shops. Many people want to avoid the crowded stores on that particular day. The weekend after Thanksgiving is also the weekend for travelling with the American people.  So, many of these travelling customers miss the discount offers and good deals. Cyber Monday was started for such people who want to get the benefits of discount shopping even when they are traveling.

Offering Convenience

The term Cyber Monday has used by many online retailers in different countries such as Argentina, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland, Chile, Colombia, Uganda, Japan, China, Portugal and Sweden. Cyber Monday allow the customers to shop any item through online shopping from the comfort of their home or office. Even though it is working day, people can get the discounted items sitting at their home.

Discount deals

The online retailers will start offering deals and discounts weeks before the cyber Monday, through online forums and using their website. Some of the retailers even offer lunchtime discounts on Cyber Monday to promote their business. Many online sites have the cyber Monday week sales and the customer can find thousands of useful deals from the online retailers during this week. Some of the items may be in limited supply and the retailers will add on new items for sale when one item gets sold out. Many sites also send daily emails to you to know about the latest deals that are on offer. You can find clothing, shoes and kitchen items etc through the deals.  The number of people opting for Cyber Monday sales is increasing every year. This is the best way to purchase some of the Christmas gifts at discounted rate.

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